Last Updated 19th JANUARY 2020

Two bits of news this month...

Expedition Discovery 300Tdi

I've decided to sell my expedition Discovery project and have purchased a virtually standard Discovery 300TdI!!!! This will be used for 4x4 Response, and will be fitted with recovery equipment, search and working lights. along with first aid equipment.

Endangered Big Cat Society

It will also be used for my "Endangered Big Cats Society" where we can work with 'big cat' charities promoting their needs and hopefully promoting meetings and expeditions, where similar charites can benefit from each others work.

www.endangeredbigcatsociety.co.uk as been registered and will be set up very shortly...

and we hope to be attending Show/events this year...

Photo: Snow Leopard Trust

So if anyone's interested in getting involved, or if you're a 'big cat' charity who wants free publicity, send your press releases to...

Tony Pritchard


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