The will to push yourself over the limit...

Dainese and AGV are accompanying Stefano Perugini on his first adventure from Pesaro to Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia. Riding 23,000 km through Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia until he reaches Mongolia, Perugini will spend six weeks in the saddle of his Honda Africa Twin. After a short break, he will continue towards Moscow, and from Russia through the Baltic Republics to Germany and finally return to Italy around the end of July.

Following an accident, where he lost his foot, Perugini was looking for something to stimulate him, which helped him adapt to his new situation. Help came from Roberto Bruzzone’s blog, where his will of redemption becomes motion and motivation to push himself to the extreme. Stefano is a motorcyclist by vocation and the decision naturally fell on a motorbike journey.

After getting his new driving licence and installing an electromechanical gearbox on the bike, Stefano decided to undertake his new journey to Mongolia – for a simple reason “I won’t have to catch any ferries, which means the entire journey will be on horsepower”.

Dainese and AGV have fitted Stefano out from head to foot for this experience, with all the technical gear he will need, from his helmet to his boots, to ensure that he is able to comfortably and safely face the entire itinerary.

Good luck Stefano and have a great trip!