The Ultimate Challenge is masterminded by Les Carvall who is a reluctant retiree from Lymington, UK. Whilst on holiday, Les began to think he needed a project to keep himself active and was inspired by seeing a convoy of cars participating in the Paris – Peking Rally. This was the flash of inspiration needed and the Ultimate Challenge was born.

The Charity Heaven Can Wait I’m Busy was formed and the Ultimate Challenge is to be the first major activity planned to raise money for Save the Children, Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, UK and other worthy causes.

After two years of planning, the Ultimate Challenge team made up of Les and 3 friends (with a combined age of 297) will leave the UK on the 31st March 2013.

Their journey will take them through sixteen countries, three continents and across two major oceans taking approximately six months and 28,000 miles to complete.

Preparation for the journey has included the selection and modification of two Suzuki Jimnys – chosen for their durability and also to prove that such a gruelling journey could be undertaken in affordable compact off-roaders. The minor modifications include heavy duty front and rear bumpers, suspension modifications, all terrain tyres with steel rims and luggage racks.

The Ultimate Challenge team have also received instruction in car maintenance and repair from Newmans Suzuki at Totton, Southampton who are one of the Challenge Sponsors and physical training to cope with the variety of conditions they will encounter during the journey.

En-route the team will be producing a film documenting their progress and all they encounter during the journey which will be titled “While We Have Time”. All proceeds from the film will be donated to Save the Children.

Les commented: “We want to undertake this challenge to show that age is no barrier to getting up and getting on with living life and giving something back to society while we still have time.”

For further information on the Ultimate Challenge please visit Regular updates will be posted via Twitter @JimnyChallenge and Les’s blog